From twelve notes, unlimited rhythm and lyric content, add nuance and accidental flair, we get many, many styles of music.  The music industry tries to categorize and brand each artist into a specific genre and perhaps that's a good thing as it helps the consumer know beforehand, sort of,,, what they are getting.  What style or genre am I?

I write in many styles, songs primarily pitched to other artists, but what I release myself is more specific.  If you read my bio you'll understand something about the music I write for myself.  At the moment, I can best describe it as, "Adult Contemporary Rock hooked up with Country Rock, and danced all night."

What you'll hear are songs with a story that mean something to me, are true, or could possibly happen.

I write, produce, play all the instruments, engineer, mix, and master most of the songs I release under my name.

I hope you'll find yourself in one of my songs and feel inside, somewhere deep, that you are not alone.

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Thanks for dropping by and please come back again soon to see what's new.  I songwrite and create new music everyday and some of it will be good enough to release here.  You never know, you might find yourself in one of my songs.

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