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Book a Don Holmes all original music show where he reveals the inspiration for the songs and 'tells all' regarding what action or comment producers, record labels, and A & R departments have taken, (provided that news is not current and/or confidential).  There have been cuts, keeps, and holds.

Don also plays about 150 covers and has carried a crowd through as many as six sets, but 3 or 4 is more reasonable.  If you're a commercial venue that simply wants people to stay for food and drinks, Don handles that quite well, whether it's getting the crowd involved with people singing along or simply playing nice and quietly, so the people can converse among themselves.

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Thanks for dropping by and please come back again soon to see what's new.  I songwrite and create new music everyday and some of it will be good enough to release here.  You never know, you might find yourself in one of my songs.

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