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Don's first solo voice performance was in a first grade play, having won the audition for grades first through sixth.  He took piano lessons, began playing guitar at age 11, took violin from a Juilliard graduate at age 14, played alto saxophone in high school band, sang tenor in chamber ensembles and college concert choir where he was also the paid tour manager for a year, bought a drum kit along the way, tinkered with mandolin and banjo, but no instrument every brought out his gift like guitar and voice.

From middle school through college, he played every guitar part he could find for school, church, weddings, high school jazz band, as well as vocal solo opportunities.  At age 16, a local music merchant heard him perform and asked him to teach 30+ students already enrolled at his store.

A self-taught classical guitarist with oversight from a few teachers, he performed every student recital he could fit in his schedule at Pensacola State College as well as a special appearance at the college TV station, performing concert level works by Tarrega, Bach, Villa Lobos, Sor, and others.  A noteworthy accomplishment is his successful performance for the Pensacola Symphony Guild, Annual Installation of Officers Dinner at the age of 19.

He loved the classics for guitar, but realized his roots in the popular music of the day:  rock, pop, country, and blues, were calling for his attention.  He dusted off his '74 Les Paul and went to work playing solo, in bands, and began writing songs with his brother and sister, performing as a trio or duo under the name WindVoice.  During the five years of national touring, they racked up an impressive average of 200 separate performances per year and their album received FM radio play in the U.S. and Canada.  He and his siblings fronted for major artists and also had major artists front for them.

Don eventually became involved in other business pursuits and started a family, however, along the way he performed as many as five nights a week along the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi, and continued to study songwriting and music composition.

In the summer of 2010 he began to reconnect with some of his Nashville friends and develop new connections in the music industry.  He founded HotBlueMusic, an ASCAP publisher, for his own music creations.  Since then he has written with internationally known, award winning songwriters and composers, hired a seasoned Nashville songplugger, had several indie cuts and keeps, holds by major labels and producers, and the film industry.  He has been on stage with and had invites from some of the worlds top players.  He plays a session here and there for other artists as well.

Don loves to perform and is always interested in finding a place to play near you.  His primary focus is songwriting, creating music for self-release and for pitching to other artists.

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Thanks for dropping by and please come back again soon to see what's new.  I songwrite and create new music everyday and some of it will be good enough to release here.  You never know, you might find yourself in one of my songs.

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